Psychophilia Blog

I am going to start making an effort to communicate some of my thoughts on mental wellness. The planned audience is current and prospective patients, other psychiatrists and therapists, those interested in mental health in Austin, TX, and anyone else who happens by. I am constantly coming across fascinating articles and other information that I think could be helpful to share. I also hope to do this as a way of organizing and expressing some of my own thoughts about human psychology.

I am fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind and by human behavior, and also skeptical and cautious in my use of information. I am also an open-minded person and am fascinated by complementary and alternative approaches aimed at combating illness and supporting health and healing. I am hopeful that the process of sharing and teaching in this way will encourage my own growth and education, which I see as a lifelong endeavor.

A note for my patients: I anticipate writing from time to time about various emotional issues, common stressful life events, and important issues involved in the process of practicing psychiatry and psychotherapy. It is possible that you might read a post here that reminds you of something you expressed or that occurred in session. The purpose of this blog is not to publicize your psychotherapy. And, if I ever get the feeling or feedback that is happening, I will immediately delete a post that makes you uncomfortable. That being said, keep in mind that just because what I talk about might remind you of your issue, I would not be commenting on it if I didn't think it had broader implications or universal applications to many people. In fact, it might not be your issue at all. I will never post anything that violates your confidentiality, nor will I communicate things here that I wouldn't communicate to you in session. Please approach me if you have any problems at all with this.